Great American Plumbing Inc. was established to meet the increasing and changing needs of retail chain stores and commercial companies.

We provide construction, maintenance and repair services to retail stores throughout the USA. We handle everything from maintenance services to the simplest repair. A large portion of our service is to provide emergency services. The expected response time for emergency service is 2 hours. In addition we handle work such as retrofits, expansions, and renovations.

Required Response Time as a Great American Plumbing Contractor:

Emergency calls are to be started within 2 hours from time of call. All work and service calls are to be completed within 3 days (unless otherwise specified). Request for Proposal/Bids are to be submitted by the due date requested on the document.

Your Responsibilities Include:

Represent yourself as a Contractor called to perform work requested by Great American Plumbing Inc. Please do not display or leave your company literature on the job site.

Complete all work on time and maintain the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Contact Great American Plumbing with the date of your scheduled visit to the project location. When dispatching a job the Great American Plumbing Project Manager will ask you to schedule the work with a the project location. The scheduled date and time should be convenient to the contact person at the job location as well as the Contractor.

Read and understand the Purchase Order prior to beginning the work.

Maintain communication with the Great American Plumbing Project Manager.

Please complete the Contractor Information Package which provides us with the information necessary for our database. The completed package can be mailed or faxed back to Great American Plumbing. When a job is dispatched the following will occur

1. We will e-mail and/or fax to you a Great American Plumbing Purchase Order giving details of the specific scope of work, project location, and a contact person, along with paperwork requirements specific to that project location and a Field Service Ticket which is to be signed and stamped at the project location.

2. The Purchase Order will specify a Time and Materials Not To Exceed Limit as a cost guide for the work. Although we know the general Scope of Work for each job, we try to allow a sufficient margin for any unforeseen conditions. If the Scope of Work appears that it will exceed the Estimated Job Cost you must call and notify the Great American Plumbing Project Manager. Do not exceed the Estimated Job Cost without prior approval from Retail RetailPlumber. Upon approval Great American Plumbing will issue a Revised Purchase Order/Change Order as approval for the cost of the work. All Invoices must reflect time and material breakdown of costs. We expect fair and honest invoicing from all of our vendors.

3. When the job is completed, fax or mail your invoice with the signed and stamped Field Service Ticket(s) and/or client required paperwork. Great American Plumbing shall immediately forward the invoice to the client for payment. Upon receipt of Client payment Retail RetailPlumber shall within 5-business days issue payment for services to the Contractor. Contractor can expect payment between 30 and 45 days after receipt and approval of invoice documentation by Great American Plumbing.

4. When submitting invoices for $2,000.00 and over you must submit a conditional waiver of lien.


Make sure that you have faxed or mailed the completed Contractor Information Package along with the paperwork specified on the final page of the Contractor Information Package to Great American Plumbing Inc.

Please be advised that Great American Plumbing cannot process an invoice for payment until we have your Contractor Information Package, insurance naming Great American Plumbing as Certificate holder and additional insured (both general liability and workman’s comp/or waiver), and the W9 form for tax purposes.

Getting the job done properly for our clients the first time is our primary concern. When you work with Great American Plumbing, you become an integral part of the most dynamic and goal oriented retail service firm. We are a company made up of people who take pride in the on-time quality service that our contractors make us able to provide. We look forward to working with your company to establish a long term relationship that will be beneficial to both our companies.

Sincerely, The Team at Great American Plumbing Inc

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